How to create a cloud account (a new tenant) in new uipath cloud orchestrator

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I hope this would help everyone those who are trying to become a new tenant in new-updated orchestrator cloud environment - CE ( community edition )

Kindly correct me if i have mentioned any thing incorrect.

Steps involved:
–Use url
–It will show this kind of login screen
–Here click the highlighted option
–Enter any of the common authentication method you have an account with either with Google or Microsoft
–Once after entering the details, you will be directed to a page where we need to write our Firstname , Last name, Country and Organization name
–After entering this we will be taken to the home page of new cloud orchestrator portal
–There click on the services tab
–Here a tenant will be created and on clicking that name we will be taken to our new tenant
–Inside this we can do the similar things on creating robots and connect them to our machine.



Well, actually, 1 cloud account does not equal tenant in Orchestrator. In fact, each cloud account can have access to multiple Orchestrator instances :slight_smile:

The process described above is to create multiple Cloud accounts. However, keep in mind that, license-wise, one Community User should not have more than 1 Cloud account with 1 Orchestrator instance included.

If you are an Enterprise, you still need just one Cloud account, but will then be able to ‘spawn’ multiple tenants under your Services tab.

I hope it clears things up :slight_smile:


Thank you @loginerror
That was clear and precise, thank you once again for that info

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Option to create a new robot is disabled in cloud platform. How do i create a new robot and add a machine?

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Hi @varunt1411

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Please use the Robots in the Management tab:



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So If a Community user has created a cloud account for himself, He can create only 1 Service/tenant as per his license?

Are Service, Tenant & Orchestrator instance the same?

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can one delete a tenant and create a new one?

Hi @Peter_Gitau

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I think so, but I am not sure. The option is certainly there:

And I suppose the limit of instances is always 1, so if you delete one, you should be able to create one again.

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Yes, all these terms refer to the same thing :slight_smile:


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I got an Enterprise Trial on UiPath Cloud and I am trying to create several Tenants, but can’t fint this option. I would want to test how this works.

Is this in the Orchestrator URL?<Site URL>/<Service Name>

Where is this login page mentioned here: Managing tenants

First navigate to the Services tab:

You will then have a button to Add Service:

So is each “Service” equal to one “Tenant”?
Is it the same when having the Orchestrator installed on-prem as well?

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Correct, each service is a separate tenant.

Thanks for your quick replies.
I thought the purpose is that it should be possible for us (as a RPA Solution Provider) to have several tenants (clients) using the same Orchestrator (as written here About the Tenant Context).
I want one tenant (client) to be able to see only the part of the Orchestrator (and the robots) that is relevant for them (hence nothing regarding the other clients we have).

When I create a service and add an user to only see that service, that invited user gets access to the following page:< Site URL >/portal_/home. Her he can only see the assigned tenant/service. However, he’s also able to go to the Services page and create new Services, and he’s also able to see all Users.

How can I create a user that only see his own client info? Is that possible?

@P_S You should not be sharing a single account among multiple clients. You should have an account per client and invite all that client’s users into the account. That client can have multiple tenants.

If you want a second client, create a separate account for them.



i did not found the services tab in my screen: