Connect using machine key - Community UiPath edition

Hi there,

I had registered and installed community edition from my office ID on my office desktop. However, due to COVID and lockdowns i am doing home office with office laptop. When i try to install and run the community edition on my laptop it is giving an error (pasted below).

Is there any way i can run the community edition also on my office laptop as my desktop is still in the office.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @wasi.anwer

Try with the machine key login

It will works


Nived N

It looks like you are trying to connect to your company’s orchestrator using Sign-In option to from your Studio CE. It will not work as your company’s tenant is the on-prem one and doesn’t accept interactive logon. You need to connect manually like @NIVED_NAMBIAR said or create your own Community Tenant on and log to that Orchestrator.

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Hi @wasi.anwer

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