Activate community edition license


I want to activate Uipath Studio please help us how to get community edition Key.

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Please find the attached screenshots

Welcome to Uipath @Jyothi_Bharat

Please help @lakshman @Palaniyappan @Raghavendraprasad

Cheers !!! :slight_smile:

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hi @Jyothi_Bharat,

Create a cloud orchestrator account by going following link
after that you need to create a machine to recognize your PC and create a bot

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Hy @Jyothi_Bharat,
This is not a screen you see while installing the community edition. Please check if you have downloaded the correct version from the Uipath Platform

Hello @SamanGuruge

I created cloud account but i dont know how to activate could you please help how to get License key

Sure First create machine this link will show you how to create Machine

do as follows,

  1. login into the cloud Orch.
  2. in Management Click Machines
  3. click big plus button and click Standard machine
  4. type any name and description
  5. click Provision

Create bot for the Machine

  1. in Management click Robot
  2. Click big button Click Standard robot
  3. Select machine that you created
  4. Any name and Description
  5. Type goes as Studio for in order to access Uipath tool
  6. for domain user name open Command prompt and type “Whoami” it will give you a result and it will be your domain/UserName

Open Uipath Assistance/Robot Tray

  1. open Orchestrator settings
  2. copy url from ur cloud Orch. and paste[some name]/[somename ]/
  3. go to Management Machine and click double square then your machine key will be copied into clip board
  4. paste it in Ur assistant and click connect

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Could you share me the community link

Hy @Shriharsha_H_N,

goto to UiPath Platform

Click to Download Studio / Studio X

In the following screen there must be an option to select the “community edition”


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