Connect to IBM host on demand TN3270E with terminal session


For a project I need to connect with a mainframe (TN3270E) which is hosted by IBM host on-demand. It is not clear how i should configure the connection for the terminal session in UiPath.

When i fill in the connection properties using UiPath Internal i receive following error: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: Error.

Should anyone know how to connect to ibm host on demand terminals and could help me out i would greatly appreciate the help!

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Before connecting terminal session, you need to open the mainframe .
Then Open " Terminal session"==>provider “IBM EHLLAPI” OR “Reflection for IBM” and browse the existing profile
and mention the session name.

Note : if your mainframe application is working on different session then terminal section will throw an error.

When i try to use the Reflection for IBM i receive following error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy.

What could be the source of this? I have my session open and entered the right connection properties (at least i think :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for your reply!

I have seen this before… what version of Reflection do you use? As far as I know UiPath won’t connect to older than 2015 versions…