Contradicting description -> Azure DevOps -> Manage Asset Stage


We notice that there is a contradicting description in the Manage Asset Stage in Azure DevOps

Options do not show an Update actions. Only Deploy and Delete options are shown.

Does this mean that once the asset is created the next time CI triggers, the same assets are not updated?

Current behaviour
The assets are updated in the orchestrator during every CI, while using the Deploy option. This is opposite to what the description states. (to test this, asset name was kept constant, value was changed)

Expected behaviour

  • Ideally, there are should only be 2 actions
  1. The Deploy action should create an asset if the asset name does not exist in the folder scope in Orchestrator. If the asset name already exists then the deploy should ignore and skip overwriting the existing asset. In this case, the input assest.csv should be taken a Wishlist and orchestrator assets as previous value.
    Wishlist > Previous value

  2. The Delete asset action only deletes if an asset name is found in the orchestrator.

Thank you for your consideration.

@jeevith Thanks for reaching out to us!
I can see the concern here but the behaviour of our Manage-Assets Pack is correct.
There are only Deploy & Delete actions which are supported.

Deploy : Creates the assets if not already created over the orchestrator if they exists , it will override the value with the current value provided in the csv.
Delete : Deletes the assets.
This is what we have mentioned here in our official docs as well.

I can see there is a discrepancy in the hover info( i.e. we don’t have any explicit Update action neither it is expected to be selected.) ,we have taken a note of this will be correcting this in our upcoming release.

cc : @ThomasStocker @Amol_Awate

Hi @Rishi_Raj_Singh,

Thank you for your reponse.

Could it be modified to allow the user choose to only create asset but not override previously created assets?

i.e., The CI pipeline only creates assets (all type of assets) and does not override asset values. As I noted, CI pipelines can trigger many times. Our .csv file contains credential assets as well and the deploy function deploys / ovewrites on the already created asset, this is not good when we have credential asset.

For example lets say our asset.csv contains a credential asset type with a dummy password (to avoid freetext passwords in git repos). The Manage Asset Stage, creates the credential asset with a dummy value for the password. Later the developer updates the credential asset in Orchestrator (sets the correct password).

The deploy function currently keeps overwriting our credential asset with the dummy credential password. So wecannot use this stage in our CI.

If the deploy function has a choice where we can choose to avoid overwriting assets for credential assets.

Alternatively, the deploy function can work as it does now, but we avoid adding credential type asset in our asset.csv file.