Configure local .nuget storage location

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When I open a project in UI Path Studio, all the dependecies (nuget packages) are installed into the local folder C:\Users<username>.nuget. Since we are working on a virtualized company environment we have only limited “user” storage.

This storage limitation is constantly exceeded by the .nuget folder which is causing a “storage exeed” warnig message.

Is there a way to configure, where the local .nuget folder for a project can be stored?

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You could change it at installation time by “PACKAGES_FOLDER” command line parameter

The setting should be stored in nuget.config file in globalPackagesFolder described below

However I did not test this…


Is it not possible to change the path of the .nuget folder after the studio has been installed

Yo can do that with the instructions below;

If your UiPath version post 2018.4.5;

Open and edit UiPath.config (by default, this file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio) to include the following lines:

<add key=“packagesInstallationFolder” value=< desired installation folder/ >

The file should look something like this.


could you please mention what exactly to be added in key, value in packageSettings tag?

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As you can see in the screenshot above, the tag that should be added is “packagesInstallationFolder”

When I run the published process from orchestrator the nuget packages are storing in the folder “C:\Users\X.nuget\packages\X”, I want to install packages in my own created folder like “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages”, there are no results when I try to apply this. Do I have to add any supporting nuget packages to the folder?
is there anyting that I’m missing?

Hi again,

After you change the UiPath.config you need to restart your robot service. So your change will be applied.