Change .Nuget Folder Path

we are running out of disk space on our servers (mainly C Drive). We noticed that the nuget packages are taking most amount of space as every user downloads a copy of the package & the dependencies. Is there a way we can change the path of .nuget folder? As per UiPath docs, the only way to change the path of Package_Folder is to provide custom path during installation of studio/robot, is there any option to do the same after installation.

@AnaC - You can’t do that. It’s the default path which no one can’t change. You can do one thing you can increase the size of C drive using Disk Management Tool.

Yo can do that with the instructions below;

If your UiPath version post 2018.4.5;

Open and edit UiPath.config (by default, this file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio) to include the following lines:

<add key=“packagesInstallationFolder” value=< desired installation folder/ >

The file should look something like this.

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That is in 2018.4. But didn’t find same option in 2019.10. Any suggestion ?

Hi Mehil,

By default, this is not included in the config file
<add key=“packagesInstallationFolder” value=< desired installation folder/ >

Hence, you will need to add it in.



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Hi @mehulkumarshah ,

Sorry for late answer. But if you still having this issue, you need to read an article in this link ( ) The article explains in detail what needs to be done.

Erkan Ceylan