How to enable Insights in my Orchestrator installation

Does the Insights component available now? I received a download link on Jan 21, and installed on Feb 25. However, the orchestrator page showed ‘insights: Feature is currently not enabled’ when I tried to open the insights page. I wonder when Insight will be available and whether there is a access to get the release plan of new products. :thinking:

Hi @metree that message just means you did not enable it in your installation :slight_smile: insights has been available since Jan 20. Did you receive the Insights installer through the trial and then follow the instructions to enable it?


@Michelle_Yurovsky I tried to follow the instructions to enable it, But when using UiPath.InsightsAdminTool.exe to enable tenant, and ended in “failed to retrieve tenant information”. What should I do then?

@metree did you make sure to use the host admin credentials?

@Michelle_Yurovsky Thank so much for help! I am so careless. :sweat_smile:

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