When i am running REFramework after Init process is gone in End Process

if Initialization working and the process is not going to get transaction data what will be the issue…when I am running the project process is after Init this is going to End the Process.


If you get any exception in the init phase itself it will consider as system exception and the flow navigate to end process. if you are not getting any exception in the init phase but still it is going to the end process that means issue with the main diagram of RE frame work and we should check connectivity from init to get transaction phase. Could you please share the screenshot of the RE main flow chart(state machine flow). thanks.

debug it for getting more details on the issue

Hi @Naveen_Kumar2

The transition from Init state to Get Transaction Data state will be based on this below condition (SystemError should be nothing)

What I can recommend is please add an extra log in the catch block of Init state as in the below screenshot and make sure no error occurred and SystemError variable is holding the value Nothing.

And finally as mentioned by @kirankumar.mahanthi1 please make the sure flow direction based on the conditions in the State Machine.(Main.xaml)

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

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There is no error… its running properly but after initialization this is going to End Process not going to get transaction process.

thank u so much for giving valuable time… I’ll apply above u said.

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Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Performer.7z (1.2 MB)
can u plz check… what I’m doing mistake Thank You.

Debugging will help to follow the flow. So it will help for sorting out the issue


This is as part of your academy learning so I recommend to debug and understand the issue.

Please check where ‘SystemException’ variable is getting set with ‘Exception’ object.

For this, the above mentioned log message in my previous post and debugging the code by F11(Step Into) will definitely help.

Thank you.

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