Computer vision to loop in a Excel Sheet URL Address

Hi All,
i am creating a Bot automate to read from an Excel Sheet then enter a URL to download a Report. but i have different URL’s for different sites for instance Here xxx is the dynamic digit that will point to the relavant server.

i am using a Computer vision activity it works fine but it won’t iterate to the next address in my excel file. Please if some one could help me on this .

Here is how the work flow look like in my BOT.


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Hi @Kamal_Bernard_De_Senevira,
Could you show example of how your excel file looks like and settings for “For Each” loop?

Hi Pawel
Here is my Excel File that i need to read each report link and enter it in a Web browser but this one is in a remote System so i need to use Computer vision to identify the elements on the screen

Appreciate if you can help me to solve this.

Thank you
Kamal Bernard

Overall process looks good but I’m wondering why are you using CV scope?
I’m not 100% sure but it might be that your selector becomes not compatible with browser after first iteration. I would start from normal browser activities and checking if selector is dynamic so it will handle another step.

Dear Pawel

Thank you for your Reply.

i am useing a CV scope because this is a Remote PC running on Remote desktop application such as a Team viewer or Virtual PC.

Yes the selector becoms invalid after the 1st loop. then it cant find the refrehed page so the loop stoped can you kindly help me to create a workflow for looping after the screen refresh.

Thanks and regards

I guess in that way you could try to work with send shortcut to open new tab before going to next iteration.

Hmmm… but if i want to do it in the same Window like refresh page an I pass it with a Hot Key?

Are you able to send me your part of the project with this loop? (just remove your CV url and token) I’m pretty sure it’s possible but you need to make anchor or selector more dynamic. I could check it.

After careful review and working through managed to get this one solved.

I shall publish my solution so that it will help others also.

  1. I have used CV scope activity and indicated the screen that i need to work on and all the elements have been identified.

2.Used a Read Range Excel to read the sites that is input in the Excel file for instance site1 , site2 , site3, site4, and created a Data table Variable.

3.Add a For Each Row loop to iterate through the excel file

  1. Used a Get Row item Activity to to read the column name of each row.

  2. Add a CV type in activity and indicated on-screen and input the sites by passing the name of the site row(“sitename”).ToString

Here is a screenshot of the solution. — Cheers.


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Nicely done! :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing the solution.

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