Computer Vision Server API Key missing or Invalid

Error message: Server API Key missing or invalid, Please copy it from the licenses page on [401].

my settling as:
the API KEY is copy from:

and project dependence is :slight_smile:
all latest version.

don’t know how to solve this issue.
please help.

Hey @xiexfeng

Try generating a new key from the cloud platform and using that in the Studio to see whether it works…

I have try few time generating a new key, but still same.

Hmm… I think there is some problem with this then. Because I’m also facing a similar problem with the Invoice Processing. There it says internal server error something.

This is my post… Could be something related to the same

@loginerror - I think we should have a look at this scenario as well :slight_smile:

I just tried a detection on ComputerVision and works fine.

I see you have some weird versions in there, betas and such. Try this: create a new project, remove all existing dependencies, and add only ComputerVision 2.2. It should work.

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The invoice processing and ComputerVision are separate servers, so no connection there.

Hi @AshwinS2 @Bilal_Ahmed @Cosin I have seen you post Server API key missing or invalide [401 Error], and New properties ApiKey and URL in CV Screen Scope

appreciated you can help, I use Community Version 19.10.0
and API Get from

I have create a new project, and only install ComputerVision 2.2. don’t solve problem,
by the way, i have received this information when only install computerVision 2.2:

NU1603: UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.10.0-beta.561155 depends on UiPath.OCR.Contracts (>= 2.2.1-beta) but UiPath.OCR.Contracts 2.2.1-beta was not found. An approximate best match of UiPath.OCR.Contracts 2.2.1-beta.553728 was resolved.

I have try in other computer, which is Window 7, Uipath Studio 2019,10.0 - beta80,

only install UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.10.0-beta.561155, without ComputerVision 2.2.
it have a error, but it works as my expected. i can use computer vision function.

but my notebook book , Win 10, studio bision 2019.10.0 - beta90
still same error, event install ComputerVision 2.2.