Server API key missing or Invalid [401 Error]

I am facing this issue while using CV screen scope till last week everything was running fine. Now CV Screen scope activity is showing this error.
This is the log generated through this :

11:24:41.6002 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [34] System.ArgumentException: Server API key missing or invalid. [401]

FYI I am on a community edition


HI @Bilal_Ahmed



So I will close this discussion by telling you the way for any newbie on this error. First follow the link @AshwinS2 has shared for better understanding that why it has happened then go to your link and fetch CV API key by navigating through licences

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If you’d like to use CV Cloud, you’ll need to create an account on Cloud Platform in order to get the API key, whether you use Orchestrator on-prem or cloud.

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Create an account on and Copy Computer Vision Key under License Tab that
to pass Api key on CV screen Scope activity