"Server API key missing or invalid" when using Computer vision activities

When using Computer vision activities , how to resolve the error "Server API key missing or invalid [401]" ?

The error message appears when using the Computer vision scope with “https://cv.uipath.com” URL and the API property value blank. Computer vision scope was initially introduced to the public via community end point of cv.uipath.com.
In the early stages, the community end point did not require an API validation to communicate with. However, with the cloud.uipath.com platform being introduced, along with having a soon to be introduced enterprise plan, the cv.uipath.com endpoint for using computer vision activities was upgraded to include authentication via an API key. This is the reason for the initial versions of computer vision scope not requesting the same.

To obtain an API key, one can simply log in/sign up into cloud.uipath.com and obtain an API key from the “Licenses” page (even community users can obtain an API key). 

Additionally, the above community user is not to be confused with community Studio license. Even if an enterprise Studio user is connecting with cv.uipath.com endpoint, one would have to secure a community API key from the portal to use the activities free of cost. However, there is also an enterprise plan for the API key, which allows a higher bandwidth of processing.