New properties ApiKey and URL in CV Screen Scope

@Cosin Thanks for the reply. One more query i had. When we use CV scope, in properties there is ApiKey and URL attribute. Now when this rolls out in stable version, are we required to provide these details. In Short is this feature going to be paid??




It won’t be paid but it will require authentication through the API key after the official GA launch. That’s for our cloud version, that you’re using now.
The on prem version won’t require a key.

The on-prem is due in 19.4, end of april, the cloud version in 19.5, end of may

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@Cosin Thanks for the explanation. Looking forward to the release. Cheers


How do we get an API key?

goto and it is under licenses/Services/Computer Vision


I copied and pasted the Api key from the Orchestrator with and without " ", it still show this message: “Server API key missing or invalid. [401]”

Hello guys,

Same here, I even try generating a new API key and try again, but I’m still getting the same error message.


Hi @ric2020 @Cosin

We are using 2018.4.4 version and i am not able to see any API key under licence tab.

Kindly confirm from which version we can able to see API key?
and 2018.4.4 version is supported for Computer vision or not ?

i am also facing Server API key is missing or invalid [401].
Kindly respond asap. @ovi @loginerror

In this case we can not use Computer vision activities version 2018.4.4 licence?
if it is possible can we a quick call regarding this, because i have to inform my client?

Best Regards,
Naveen Ch

Hi @Naveen.Ch

Could you elaborate on your setup? Do you have an enterprise on-premise Orchestrator and you would like to use the Computer Vision package via our servers?


I have similar scenario. We are using Enterprise on-Prem Orchestrator and we would like to use computer vision. We have not created any server for Computer vision so i think we can only use it via UiPath servers ?
what should we do in this case ?

I have tried using API Key, which I see in Orchestrator’s license (deployment tab) but it is not working and get that ‘API key is missing or invalid’



Thanks for the response.

We have enterprise version licence
just want confirmation to use CV activities we have to use Cloud orchestrator ?
or we can use my old orchestrator ? if i will use my old orchestrator 2018.4.4 from where can i get API key?

Hi @Sanuttarwar

See here:

It seems like you will simply need to create an account to get the API key from the Licenses page :slight_smile:


@AnnieWen, @Armlee, the key still has to be in quotes, like any string property.

Actually, I just realized there are two different API Keys. The API key on UiPath Platform can work perfectly while the other API Key with “-” in the string on Orchestrator server can’t work.

Thanks for specifying Cloud Platform Orchestrator even though we have on-prem Orchestrator with an Enterprise license. On the cloud Orchestrator it only shows an API Key for the Community Version, how do I get the Enterprise version API Key?

Hi @glenn.robinson

It is possible to upgrade the Cloud Account from Community to Enterprise via our sales department :slight_smile:
Currently Cloud Platform in general isin the evaluation period and free to use, even for Enterprise customers.


Its working fine today :slight_smile:

Yesterday I tried all that, but nothing. Today I generate a new key, run a test and is working fine. Maybe something with the server?

Thanks for the help!

How can I use the new API generated key in Community Version 19.7.0.

Just paste the key generated on in the API key property in the CV Scope.

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Thanks for the reply…

Could you please show me that Screenshot so that it will easy to find