Compress/zip files error

I have a process that takes 2 files, one .txt and one .pdf, and zips them into a folder. I’ve run this process multiple times with no issues but now i’ve added new activities to the beginning of the workflow (retrieve an email and save the attachment to a directory) and now i am getting an error compress/zip files: the path is not of a legal form.

I can’t find any documentation on this error and now sure how to fix it.

Hey @atarantino!! Can you share your .xaml here? Try “print” the path before zipping and check if you are passing the full path info or it have some invalid character.


Main.xaml (36.0 KB)

Can you log theese two variables then send here please? Thank you!

It’s strange that the compress zip worked before i added the activities for retrieving the email and saving the attachment. both work independently.

Sorry - what do you mean by log them?

Print them with “log Message” Or “Write Line”. Maybe your attachments are being saved with invalid characters with not the full path.

so one of the logs (for MostRecent) didn’t show.


One of the paths is Blank! You can not zip a blank path. You only have you .txt file there.

Okay so i need to change my MostRecent variable to make sure it finds the .pdf file i am trying to include in my zip


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