Unzip folder giving error: UnZip: The given path's format is not supported

Requirement is to get attachment zip folder from mail box,then save attachment then unzip the folder , i am not using hard code values .
Below is my .xaml file
Main.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hi @programmer,

It will help you…


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I am facing issue that error is coming for : the given path’s format is not supported under unzip activity in uipath .

So if you can please help me here.
Attached is the code of my xaml file.


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Which language it has zip file…


There is no language for it, it has .zip as it is a zip folder.

It’s urgent , please take this on priority.

Share me the properties…

zip file: “C:\Users”+system.Environment.UserName+"\Documents\UiPath\ZipFile"+file.ToString+".zip"
Extract Folder:

Code Page: 1252

No password

update the updated package from here…


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Check the path with writeline activity…

I think . this is the right path.

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i got it
in zip file: i just need to write : file.tostring
it will work now.
Thanks for help.

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can you help me how to read excel file in zip folder when every time name of zip folder and excel file changes, i mean without using hard coded values.

we will use directory.getfiles , to read sheet name - wb.getsheet(0)
wb is output of excel application scope.

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