Zipping the file will save the contents in the project folder itself and not getting saved in the given folder location. Why?

I had saved the In_FolderPath argument and given the value as: “G:\Test_Cert\07_05_2023” . But while running the process it was getting saved in the project default folder location:

Please find the screenshots below:

Can anyone help me in this to find a solution for this?


you can use move file activity after the zip file activity to move to required path


Can’t we directly save the file in the required folder location?
Why it was not getting saved in the given folder location?

Could you please provide an answer for this?

Normally it should happen

can you show the the full expression of the assign activity where you are combining the path

Also try adding "" in default value at end and check if it is correctly passing the value

using write line or logging or in locals panel

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Please find the full expression below:


can you write the same expression in write line and check what is the path value it is producing

and also in the default value you provided for In_FolderPath does not have backslash at end , please add that as well


Yes. It was showing the correct folder path as below:

The problem is while saving the CompressedFilename in a variable, it was taking the In_Folder path as the main project folder.

i too have doubt that the value you passing through arguments is not passing correctly

Have you checked that the value you passing from main xaml

if possible can you share the file


ZipContents.xaml (9.2 KB)
Please find the xaml file above…


not sure what is happening but when i created separate flow it is working as expected but with your file it is saving in the folder where main xaml is there

Lets check with any other members has any insight on this and helps

@Anil_G @supermanPunch @Yoichi



Is G mapped Google Drive?
In my environment, it works well when create zip file in local drive. However, it reproduces this issue if try to create zip file in G which is mapped Google drive. It might be something difference of access control to it.


Thanks Yoichi for your reply actually @vignesh_S.M has the issue

Even for me when i created it is working as expected for local drive but when i am trying with xaml file provided in the thread by vignesh is saving in the project folder

So just want to check if their is any thing that can be done



Sorry, but the above my estimation was not correct.
Further investigation, I probably found cause : we need to set extension not “.Zip” but “.zip” in Compressed filename property. Can you try to modify like this?


Thanks @Yoichi it is working now for me

@vignesh_S.M please check from your side and confirm


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Thanks @Yoichi and @LAKSHMI_NARAYANA_PEMMASAN . It works for me as well…

We have to use “.zip” instead of “.Zip”. This is the solution.


I coincidentally had an issue with this activity this week after updating some dependencies.
It was saving in the correct place but it was now appending .zip to the filename, which I didnt want as I already had a different file extension on the zipped file and .zip is not the only valid extension for a compressed file.
Pretty annoying but they clearly tried to add code to ‘help’ you and did a sloppy job of it so it now messes up if you use .Zip or didnt want the .zip file extension.

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