Activity Compress/Zip Files changes values after closing workflow (and others)

I’ve notice some issues with activity Compress/Zip Files from UiPath:

  1. I can choose content to zip. Values are Files or Folder:


When I switch to Folder, workflow is not giving me asterisk to notify to save the file. When i change sth else in workflow asterisk appears. After saving file and opening it again value changes to “Files” again.

  1. I noticed differences in working depending on path value (content to zip):

I have folder A with folders B1, B2 (etc) inside. When i paste path to folder A like “C:\User\Document\A” it saves zip properly - archive after openning shows folders B1, B2 etc. If i put there path like: "C:\User\Document\A" so with "" at the end, it changes folders name inside archive. I get results inside like 1, 2 etc. Activity because of that "" character, removed first character from each of the folders name.

  1. I check running time for 1 of the folders with .7z archive and with this activity (compress none, .zip format, overwrite existing file on, no password). .7z manage to zip file in 10 min, activity need 24 min. We are talking about 100 folders with images inside (zip file size ~ 2GB).

  2. Can you add option to put arrays of strings (as paths) to this activity? Now i can only add manually each file (as variable too) but only in the activity (no properties option) and if my number of items to zip is changing I cannot paste it to the activity. I need to move or copy those files to one folder and then zip this folder.

I’m using:
Studio 19.10.4
UiPath.System.Activities 20.10.1 (I checked also 20.10.3 and it happend as above)

Hi Yameso,
i too face the same issue like when report is generated from a web as an excel and it is compressed the fille is gets mailed respectively in this the compressed file the 1st letter is missing in the output

Can u please help me in this case,