What is the security level unattend bots in uipath?

How can we provide security for rpa bots?


Please go through below link:


And also we are storing credentials in assets and it was encrypted with the AES 256 algorithm.


Can you be more specific what security information about RPA you want.

Credentials : Credential are secured in Orchestrator and windows credential.
RPA Bots : Suppose you are developed a process and you have to deploy the process to your client Machine but you don’t want the client to look into the process and edit you can publish your process as robot defaults and the client can only run the bot from the robot tray and they don’t have any option to open the code.

Do you have an page which describes how to do this, because though i have stored credentials in assets cannot use it while creation of unattended robots in orchestator.


You have to use Get Asset activity to read the assets of type Text, Interger and Boolean.

If it is credentials then you should use Get Credentials activity.

Note: That Robot machine should be connected to Orchestrator then only BOT can read assets.


My question was how do I use assets for fields username and password while creating Robot in the Orchestrator, as indicated in the image below


For this you can’t create any Assets. You have to hard code Domain, username and password values.

okay, so my understanding from your statement there is no means to keep credentials encrypted for unattended robot
Thanks for the information.


Don’t worry. Those credentials will be secured only and once you saved credentials and next time you also can’t see what you entered.

If you are using any Smartcard to login to the system then you can use that option too as you can see below password field that option is also available.