Minimal RPA implementation

Hello friends,
I want to implement RPA solution to one of my customers (my company is a UiPath partner).
Since this is our first project I have some questions about the implementation (note I watched all the tutorials about implementation).

So, I have developed a solution, and now I have nupkg file of the project. Type of robot is Attended.
Now, on my customer environment, do I just need to install UiPath Robot (The Agent and Executor?),
if so, where can I find the instalation of them?

(the question is mostly about the Licenses, from what I’ve understood they just need to buy Attended robot licence to work with this solution, they don’t need the studio? )

Hey @srdjan.suc,

Yes,You are absolutely correct only agent and executor is required in that case.

And both the components are also shipped with uipath installer.You can get them from the installer itself.No need to install the uipath studio on client’s machine.

Okay, so the question now is, can I try this installation in my environment without the licence? Since I want to see how can I configure the robot to look for nupkg files in custom NuGetServerUrl that I give him?

I don’t know how will my installation look like without the Studio, will it have the same UiPath.settings file from which I can change the file location of NuGetServerUrl?

This whole thing is weird for me since I read that the UiPath Service is Actually the agent (in the windows services), but I cannot find UiPath Service at all in my computer.

you would be able to install the UiPath robot but i am not sure without attended license you would be able to test it or not.

Service with the name UiPathRobotService is the UiPath Agent in the window services you can check.

I change the location of default publishing NuGetServerUrl and after the restart of my computer both the Studio and the Robot (Community licence) accepted that location and are now working with it.

They didn’t seem to acknowledge the change before the restart, probably because I needed to restart the UiPath Service.
The problem is that I cannot find UiPathRobotService in window services.

But it definitely exists since after the restart the changes were acknowledged.
(From the lessons: UiPath agent is a Windows Service that is run together with the computer that is installed on).

I don’t know why I cannot find THAT service right now (I am using Windows 10, not Windows Server, maybe because of that)

are you using community license?

Yes, I am using Community licence UiPath Studio, I have only installed that (Studio installed Designer, Agent and Executor with himself right?).