Complex Project with DataTable

Hi guys,

I am in front of a complex project where I need to process multiple rows in an excel sheet with a for each row, but I can’t complete all the rows in one go, I need to process a few rows and then the next day I need to continue.

The problem is, this excel file has a header and multiple sheets, where I need to process bits of data like that on each sheets each day.

So, you can understand that I don’t want to update my read range activity every day and I don’t want to update the position of my header on every single sheet every day to continue processing the data that is left to be processed.

I want a solution where the bot can identify on each sheet what rows are left to be processed and start the read range from there without changing the position of the header manually…

I believe it’s a complex project and I would like to know how I go about it.

Many thanks


@kaiji_San please maintain queues for this process. You can make multiple queues against your sheets. In queue you can process specific transactions and there is no check and range required because process will update processed transaction status.

The bot automatically processed new items next day.

Your processed scenario can be solve through queue easily. Please read about queues and how we are getting data from queues.


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Hello @kaiji_San

As suggested by @raja.arslankhan , using a queue is the best approach for this scenario.

If you still don’t want to go with the queue approach, then after processing each item you need to update some flag column as processed in the Excel. Then for every execution bot should filter the datatable where Flag not equal to “Processed”. So it will take only the new items.


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