For each row append xls

Hello people! help please :slight_smile:

I have a unique xls where other people are adding rows throughout the day and I want that my “for each row” starts at the last row+1 that I previously processed. I don’t know the best way to do this … record the last processed row number somewhere and go read it whenever the process is run? thanks!

If you’re having a single bot process the data, you could store the last row number in a queue in Orchestrator. Or, you can save the last row processed in a text file to be read by the process.

@Pedro_Santos - pls try below
create asset in orchestrator (like - ast_last_process_Row_No)
read before your process activity… set the iteration number
once you complete the data actvity - set the asset with last row number of the excel.

2 activities 1) Get Asset Activity 2) Set Asset Activity

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Tanks GBK! In this momento i dont have acess to orchestrator…i run the robots localy. Any idea without using orchestrator? tanks again!

1 - create a extra column and update your read/write status and advise team not to update the column.

2 - create a new sheet in the same exel file and update the row number in the sheet…