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I’m looking to process rows Google sheet by reading the range and using the data to update another sheet. This all works great, however I was intending to mark each row in the Google Sheet as processed so next time I run the bot, it just picks up where I left off. I’m having trouble understanding how I’m supposed to write back to the same row just processed in my For Each Data Row in Data Table. Thank you.

Hi @Marvin_Apura

Try to add a column on your Google sheet and then pass a value on that by adding an Assig nactivity inside you For Each Data Row.

Example in your Assign activity:
CurrentRow(“Remarks”) = “Row updated”


Then after the For Each Data Row, you need to overwrite your DataTable with the updated one.

Hope this helps.

Kenneth Balobalo

hi @kennbalobalo , thank you for this. do you have example workflow for this? thank you. (10.2 KB)
Hi @Marvin_Apura

What I have here is for Excel but the concept should be the same for Google Sheets.

Kenneth Balobalo

i’ll try this one. thank you

Hope that works. If that helps, kindly mark it as a solution after you tried it. Thanks.

hi @kennbalobalo . what is the equivalent of “Write DataTable to Excel” to googlesheet?

hi @Marvin_Apura

we have Write Range on Google sheets.

Rest of the activities can be found here:

hi, i follow the format that you sent. it worked in the sense that it add “process” on remarks column. but upon running again the bot, the bot still pick up the 1st row after the header not where it stopped. any idea? thank you

I think it’s better to put a condition in your loop so it will not touch those rows with “Processed” in Remarks column.

For example, I’ll add an If condition:

If row(“Remarks”).Item.ToSting = “Processed”
Then do nothing
Else Process the row

Kind regards,

it worked. thank you so much.

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