Completely LOCKED OUT of UIPath Studio

I’ve installed both the Community and the Commercially licensed versions of UIPath Studio on my laptop at various points. Now, both licenses have expired. I cannot re-install the Community because there is some rule that if you’ve ever had a Commercial license, you cannot install the Community version ever again. So, now I am unable to train or get certified, or do anything with UIPath products, because I can’t re-install a Commerical license, and it won’t let me downgrade to a Community license because it has hard-tied my Device ID to a Commercial license.

Now I can’t do anything. I contacted Customer Service and they said they are unable to offer support for the Community version. It seems like they didn’t even read my question.

Can someone please show me how I can stop being exiled from UIPath?
I need to install a version of UIPath Studio (preferably the Community version) just to do basic training tasks for myself.

How can I get around this? Can I change my Device ID somehow? In the Registry?

UIPath employees are the opposite of helpful.


Check this thread and follow the steps.

WORKAROUND: "Device ID already activated" error


Welcome to the community…

Not really… if you check their product edition features, you could see that they have mentioned that they will not be having a support team for community edition. The support is for trial and enterprise license. Though they have mentioned it, still they offer a great level of support to us here in the forum for community license. I bet that support is more than any other support they give for companies :slight_smile:

So about the issue, you can get it fixed by activating the studio license through orchestrator. This is also mentioned in @lakshman post. Try connecting the local robot with community edition of the orchestrator and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile:


Thank you @lakshman and @Lahiru.Fernando.

I was having problems downloading the latest version of UIPath from the website. It was returning an “internal server error” when I tried to get the software. Whatever issue was happening last night on the site, it’s gone now. I was finally able to download it and get past this error. It would have been great if the customer service rep had linked me directly to lakshman’s post, rather than just a boilerplate, “go look in the forums” response.