Unable to work on community edition

Whenever I start UiPath studio, it asks for activate license. Can you guide me on this?

Hi @kapildarmoda

Please make sure to run the Studio that is already installed and not the installer file :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem. I installed UIPAth Studio earlier today. I launch UIPath Studio, it asks me to activate a license. I activate the community license, and get the success page. I then try to run a project, and I get an error, and it tells me I need to activate a license. If I close studio and relaunch, it again asks me to activate a license.

I reactive again, and the same thing happens. I’ve only had one brief stretch of time where I was actually able to run the project I started. It worked maybe 3 times, then back to the activation issue.

Hi @miked

Have you resolved your issue? It seems like one solution would be to connect your robot to our Orchestrator CE which would license your Studio.

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