Complete sequence on next Tab


How would I repeat my “sequence” after uipath moves onto the next browser tab?

Using the “while activity”?

My project: Main.xaml (28.6 KB)

Oh boy, thank you so much for inquiry but to keep a high standard on the forum please try to achieve this yourself and only if after several attempts you are not able to do it yourself post. The question.

Short answer yes. Lol

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Hi @Bradley_Mckinnon,

You can use while or do while for the loop.
Put your sequence inside body part of while activity, use send hotkey to move between tabs. The most difficult thing is how do you choose the condition to exit the loop. Let think about it.
I also agree with @beesheep that you should try several times before asking something. It will be much better for you to solve problems by yourself instead of asking others help without trying at all.

Hoang Anh.

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Hi @beesheep,

Now this would be the assumption that I had put no effort into at all. Not to sound rude, but I did do research and had spent at least a couple hours trying myself (not that you have to believe me). Now this would answer why I have a question within a question. What I should of have done is re-phrased my question properly to convey my true question. Also I thought posting within the “Rookies” section would be the appropriate area for this particular thread.

So in reality what I should of asked “Is using the ‘while activity’ the best practice or method for repeatable sequences, whilst moving between browser tabs?”

Short answer yes I do understand your position on maintaining the high standard for UIPath. And at the same time you had made me aware of thinking twice before posting my thread.

Also @anhth15, thank you for the clarifying short answer. In regards to the conditionals, i’ll have to get back to you on that.

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What about this: Control Flow

The idea is that these topics are covered in the tutorials and the academy training. If you want to save your time going through those lessons is more efficient.

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Hi @badita,

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out!

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Where you able to solve it?? Please do share with our community your success :grinning: