Multiple hotkeys at once


I have a bot which uses “Tab” for navigation(Send Hotkey Activity). I am using this activity 8 times repeatedly to reach a certain block in my UI. Is there a way through I can replace multiple consecutive hotkeys with a single activity?


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are you using the same hotkey again and again. Then you can use a while loop and repeat that activity how much ever times you want.



Its for the same key

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Use the while or Do while loop. :slight_smile:

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You can use a Type Into activity. Indicate which element to start with on the screen and then add
for 8 tab movement.



You can create one sequence for send hot key then invoke that workflow where ever its necessary.

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Hi @abdul.hakeem.siraj

Do create a do while loop and set counter var as 0

and conditon as counter<>8

give send hot key as “tab”

Then check it

Ashwin S

In Uipath, <> is the not equal to sign?

yes it is

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