Redundant sequences

I’m relatively new to UIPath. I’ve noticed a lot of redundant sequences, and this one just popped up, so I’ll use it as an example. Is this by design, has this just not been optimized yet, or is something else going on?

In this case, you see a Do While loop. I dragged in an Assign activity, but then realized that I didn’t see the plus buttons, so I encapsulated it in a Sequence. Which looks unappealing and redundant. If you add in another activity, UIPath will encapsulate them both in a Sequence automatically.

I can’t think of a case where the core part of a Do While loop only does one thing, so therefore it’s implied there has to be a Sequence there. Why can’t a Do While activity have the properties of a sequence to hold multiple activities? That would de-clutter the UI tremendously.

Should this be a feature request instead of just a question?

UIPath redundan sequences

Hi again, @Robot.Builder.9001,

A sequence gets entered automatically when you don’t have any activity and you enter another one. Just press CTRL + X and delete the sequence then paste the Assign again. That’s what I usually do.

Hello again :smiley:

Not sure where the disconnect is, but you’re not replying to what I wrote. You’re halfway repeating what I just explained.

Interesting point. I believe improving of the UI is one of the goals for our team. Thank you for the insight.

Until then, if you only have one activity in the do-while, you can right click the redundant sequence and choose to remove it from the right click context menu.

It is indeed currently necessary to have a sequence for more than one activity. The reason for that is not clear to me, but I’ll ask around :slight_smile: