Comparison on ABBYY OCR and ABBYY cloud OCR


We were using ABBYY Cloud OCR engine and planning to go for licensed version of ABBYY. It seems in order to access ABBYY OCR from UiPath, we need ABBYY Fine reader engine 11 to be installed in the system. Can someone please provide a comparison between ABBYY cloud OCR which is Cloud OCR SDK with ABBYY Fine reader version 11 and let me know if Fine reader engine is as good as OCR SDK?

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ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is based on ABBYY FineReader Engine 11, so you will be able to process your documents with FineReader Engine with the same quality as with Cloud OCR SDK.

Also FineReader Engine has more settings and tools for achieving a good accuracy and implemeting your scenario.

This link : may be also useful for you.



I wanted to read handwritten invoice (PDF) document. What would you prefer for this scenario - Abbyys OCR, Abbyys cloud OCR or Abbyy’s flexicapture trial version?
I am new to Abbyy. Also Can you please help me with pre-requisites for this?