Abbyy Flexicapture or Finereader? Flexicapture Basic training from ABBYY?

Hello Guys,

I am planning to use ABBYY OCR Technology to Extract information from pdf and VDI.

For this, Do I need to use fine Reader or Flexicapture? Which one is more Advanced and useful?

Additionally, how advisable it is to take Flexicapture Basic training from ABBYY website? Will it be useful in UIPATH Automation?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @anasm

Please try to refer to this page:

For me, FlexiCapture is more useful.

Hope this helps.
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@Jan_Brian_Despi Thanks for your reply…

What about the trainings offered by ABBYY for Flexicapture? They are charging around USD 995… Will it be useful for UI PATH Automation?

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Yes. Definitely useful.
We are using Flexicapture for Invoices and it has a machine learning capability to identify where the values should be extracted.
It will definitely help you on automating processes that use pdf, img, etc as inputs.

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