ABBYY Finereader


I have already read all ABBYY topics but I still have one question.

I have just purchased ABBYY Finereader and found out that if I want to read pdf using OCR and ABBYY engine I have to download totaly different product. Is that right? Can you please tell me what ABBYY Finereader engine can and what cannot? Do I also need fully licensed UiPath?

It was quite huge amount of money so I would be happy if you tell me what to do now. Is it feasible for UiPath to use ABBYY finereader as external application and scan pdfs. using UI elements?

Hi Mario,

The official version of the Finereader that works native with our product is the Finereader engine v11. This is due to ABBYY’s limitation from their SDK. Other products can still be used with our products, but you need to automate the OCR functions using the user interface.

We do not have any limitations when it comes to the product, even our community edition can be used with it, with some legal restrictions on usage in enterprises.

Can you please email me at: to discuss in more detail and see what we can do with your existing licenses?

Thank you,

Hello @Bogdan_Nedelcov,
Can you please provide me all the key benefits of using ABBYY OCR engine and what makes it different from other OCR engine?

Thanking you in advance