OCR comparison

I am new to UiPath. I was wondering what are your experience with OCR. What OCR are you using? What are pros and cons of different OCR system. Are you using cloud version of OCR?

Pros and cons of Google and Microsoft OCR are summarized here:

The difference between Google OCR and Google Cloud OCR is here:

The link to the Google one free trial:

Some discussion on ABBYY:

Here are the links to the docs:

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Thanks :smile: lot od useful materials.

No problem, if you have questions regarding any specific features, just ask :slight_smile:

Hi Pad, I was going through your post and curious to ask your experiance with differenr engines.
I tried all the 3 OCR engines and abby flexi capture as well but i didn’t get much difference in results or we can say no one was able to provide 100% results. I tried on ICR. Can you share your experiance and may be share some differences which you saw.

Hi @Rajat,
Even UiPath doesn’t claim OCR will provide 100% results in “Output or Screen Scraping Methods” - they estimate its accuracy as 98%…I personally avoid OCR whenever possible. However, if you really need to use it, some tips are e.g. in these threads:

Thanks buddy, it will help …

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I am using the free version of UiPath in a project. Can we use the free OCR.space OCR API with UiPath? If so, how?

I tested its quality. It is not as good as Google or Abbyy, but it is still very good. So it works well with my PDFs. Plus it can do OMR and - especially important for my use case - it is free.

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