Comparing with Excel Data and Perform some action


I have a basic requirement.

  1. I do have an excel with 1 column of “Name” having some values.
  2. I am creating a Flow chart where it will ask for user Input as " Whats your name". Based on User Input , if the value matches with any one of the records present in excel, it will do some operation.

Challenges Facing:

  1. Though I am able to read from the excel by creating the excel application scope and putting them into data table but unable to compare with Excel Data. Tried with For Each Row as well but its iterating for the no of rows present in excel(i.e- If there are 5 rows) loop is iterating 5 times even though it is finding the value, entered by user already , in the excel sheet. I think for each row is not going to help me here.

Kindly help me to do this.

Then use “Break” activity in for each to stop iteration if the correct row has been found