Compare 2 excel sheets data

Hi Everyone, I’m working on 1 excel task like comparing 2 different data tables and i need to update missing data in another sheet.
The problem is i need to check 3 columns data if all matches then only i need to update matching data in another sheet.

Payment mode
Bank Name

i need to check these above columns if all are matches then i need to update Phone Number and Match count like how many matches are available.

Data1.xlsx (9.9 KB)
Data2.xlsx (9.3 KB)

I’m unable to solve this can anyone guide me how to do.


Try like this…

  1. Read range->FirstData1->Output As->Dt1
  2. Read range->Data2->Output As->Dt2
  3. Take one assign Activity create int variable like this
Counter = 1

Take 2 for each row in data table activities

  1. For each row pass the Dt1

inside the First For each row take second for each row pass the dt2

now take one IF Condition and pass the expression like this

CurrentRow1("Payment mode").ToString.Trim.Equals(CurrentRow2("Payment mode").ToString.trim) AND CurrentRow1("Payment").ToString.Trim.Equals(CurrentRow2("Payment").ToString.trim) AND  CurrentRow1("Bank Name
").ToString.Trim.Equals(CurrentRow2("Bank Name

In then Block Use Write cell activity

  1. Pass the FilePath
  2. Pass the sheetName
  3. CurrentRow2(“Phone Number”).ToString.Trim
  4. Range “E1:E”+(Counter.Tostring)+1

Next —

Take one assign activity and pass the expression like this

Counter = Counter+1

Do do anything in else part


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Thanks for your solution @THIRU_NANI

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