Excel comparision

i need to compare two excel files which have two or more columns

@ Jan_Brian_Despi
steps i have done
2.foreach row

used if in "then "for comparing these columns,i have assign output of match and mismatch for 3 columns iam comparing with
4.i have created datatable activity
5.read range
my query is where can i get the output of match and mismatch in then part


is my apporcah is correct for adding a column of status? please help me its urgent!thank you

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Buddy @priyankavivek
Your workflow looks good buddy…
Logic will work as only if the first gets passes it will get to the next if or will iterate through the next row …so the same in second if but has a assigned activity…it will work buddy…
Now you need to concentrate on adding the status to the excel…
Use write cell with input like if you want to enter in D colum put like in range
Where counter is integer variable with default value of 1
Then after this write cell activit, increment the counter with +1 like this
Counter = counter+1

Thats all buddy you are done

Cheers @priyankavivek

thanks for your reply ,i need to know is the datatable activity i cannot use in this?

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Hi @priyankavivek,

Check in then & else part.

Hi @priyankavivek,

Please try the answer by @Palaniyappan:



EmployeeDetails.xlsx (5.4 KB)
EmployeeDetails2.xlsx (5.2 KB)
Excel_Compare.xaml (8.3 KB)

Hope This would be of help


Did that work buddy @priyankavivek

actually i need some suggestionadddatarow

where i should use this add datarow
still stucking in!

Buddy may i know why we use add data row here… as you were expecting to update each cell of a column once after validating with if condition and that can done with a write cell activity and assign activity, both within for each row loop buddy as already mentioned above

Cheers @priyankavivek

can you please explain bit on write cell activity ,i have more columns so i just need to mention the column name aalone ?c,or d or e

Buddy @priyankavivek
in write cell activity mention the column name buddy along the range like
with another write cell next to the above

so after this write cell activity we need to increment the counter value from default value of 1 to its next value like this using an assign activity
counter = counter + 1

where counter is a variable of type int32 defined in variable panel with default value of 1
like this buddy


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kindly let know buddy @priyankavivek
this can sorted out easily buddy

sure i try this! thank you verymuch

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did that work buddy
any issue still @priyankavivek