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Hello guys,

Can you please help me with excel? Lets say I have a table in excel with n columns and i rows. I need to check if the values in one specific column are equals to mine saved in my data table in UiPath. Can you please somehow help me with the whole process?

Firstly I find the column using send hotkeys to find a header. Then I dont know what should follow. Should I loop through every cell or should I just take the value from my data table and through send hotkey (ctrl+f) find if the column contains it or not. Any suggestion about the best practice?

Thanks a lot

Approach for automating excel with very large amount of data

You can query a table like a database’s Select Query using Database Activities and an ODBC Connection String.


And do you know how to get the adress of current range?


If you know the column names , you can directly query the excel using them . For Example - “SELECT [First_Name] FROM [CLEARINGACCOUNT$] WHERE [Division_Id]=‘ACX_01’”.

Here, First_Name and Division_Id are column names and CLEARINGACCOUNT is the worksheet name.


And is there another way how to do that? For instance if I use Excel application store and I want to use Read Range but with dynamic range such as from current field to last filled row.


I am sorry but I am confused as to why would you want to do that ? As, the purpose of finding if values in specific column of your DataTable are equals to what is in Excel can be served well with the ODBC Query.

So, you would not need Read Range at all over here. I have attached a sample workflow which might be helpful.Excel Querying (10.5 KB)


Hi @Deep - I am facing a similar issue and have downloaded your XAML to understand how to run this query in more detail, however I receive this message when trying to open your file:
Could you please advise? I am trying to look up a value in a row in Excel based on a user input via input dialog.
Thanks in advance!


Make sure you have all Activity Packages installed before loading file. This is assuming it was using activities from those Available packages.


@Rebecca1 - As @ClaytonM has rightly called out, ensure that you have all Activity Packages installed from the available packages. Hope you have already resolved it.


Thank you both! This resolved my issue.