Community Orchestrator will soon be upgraded with Studio Pro Community licenses

Hi, I have Community Version of UiPath Studio 2021.2.0 beta 44. I usually use StudioX. What steps do I need to take to use StudioPro ? If I use StudioPro, can I no longer use StudioX ? I would like to have StudioX and StudioPro.

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Hi @Prinal_C

Given that Community version already provides the highest available Studio license, you can freely change between them in Studio settings at any time (requires Studio restart) :slight_smile:

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Is there a summary / overview of difference between Studio, StudioX and StudioPro ? StudioX unlike Studio and StudioPro, is ‘No Code’ and meant for Business users. StudioPro has an in-build Test management tool and used for actual developers. Is there a list of this kind ?