Community Edition Studio X / Studio availability

I have installed Community Edition Studio X / Studio, on my pc, for learning purposes.
After a number of days Studio X / Studio is not available anymore.
What is the reason and how could I approach it?
Thank you in advance

Can you give some details ?

What do you mean by “is not available anymore” ? Please give details about the behavior encountered.

Have you searched for UiPath Studio in windows explorer?

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Hi Alexandru,

Thank you for your support.

I have searched by Windows Explorer and also by Windows Search Option and the only UiPAth component found on my computer was UiPath Assistant. Several days ago, there were installed both: Uipath Assistant and UiPath [Studio].

I also tested by trying to launch an Workflow Main file (Uipath Studio Project extension) directly from its file/director by double click. Usually the app is activated and start (as it is common for all the apps, Word, Excel, Studio, etc). In this case the announcement window pop-up indicated me that doesn’t find on my computer an the appropriate app to open the file (the workflow was written by me in the same day, on the same computer).

It seemed somehow like was uninstalled. I installed it again and after one day it happened again: the Studio wasn’t on the computer (in the same time, Uipath Assistant is still installed and I could run it).

Thank you again for your support and best regards