License expired free edition?


I use the free Community Edition, but suddenly today it starts StudioX instead of Studio, appears that my license is expired? I tought the community edition was free? How can I solve this?

in the UiPath portal i see: You have more licenses allocated to your services than you have available to your organization. Please adjust the license allocation.

Did you activated enterprise trial?

After the end of trial version, if you have enterprise licenses allocated your account it will to free edition and not community version

You can adjust de license allocation to resolve this or create a new community organization


this is what i see:

How do i change the license allocation? I can’t remember choosing for the enterprise trail. I just also check an other personal account, same issue there. When changing profile from StudioX to Studio it directly asks for a license key…

The license expiry date will automatically update at the end. Don’t worry.

To remove any license allocated, go to machines and look if you have any unattended licenses assigned or in user if you have Automation Developer licenses allocated directly to them.

Also, using Free edition you are only able to use studio x. Free edition runs at Automation Expression licenses.

To use Studio again, please create a new community organization

Thanks. I don’t want to use StudioX. I only use Studio. When i create a new organisation, will it also expire after a while? And can I create a new organisation with the same emailaddress?

It will have a expiry date. But at the end it will be renewed automatically.

Yes you can. If you don’t plan to use the currently org anymore, you can delete from admin panel and create new one in community version

@tech2 you can create a new org using the link below

Hi @tech2

You can Go to Orchestrator ->Admin ->Licenses
Here you can start your Enterprise trial edition or community edition .

After that close the UiPath Studio and open it again
And In the License and Profile section you will get the option to switch between studio and studioX

Hope this helps you