Community Edition - Automation Cloud

Hi, I don’t quite follow how the Automation Cloud product works and would appreciate some assistance. If I was using the Community Edition that comes with both attended and unattended licenses, could I have automations for different companies at different locations running in the same default tenant?

Trying to get my head around how that would work? Appreciate any help.


Hi @olly.platt,
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In current state Orchestrator allows you to combine folders and automations based on Active Directory so for example all company HQ’s withing same domain (but different location) can work with same tenant. What’s more interesting you can have more than one tenant under your cloud account (Enterprise Plan) where you can manage automations for different companies for example.

Thanks Pawel, I think I get that :blush: So if I had say 5 customers and the enterprise plan, automations for each customer could run under a different tenant but under my cloud account? Would that mean though that each customer would have to have a studio licence?

It depends on exact plan selection. The easiest way is to deploy studio based on orchestrator license. It means that for example you are buying license which is added to cloud account then you can distribute them individually per tenant. Of course it’s just an overview on how it can look. I suggest you to contact with our sales for more details :slight_smile:

Thanks Pablito, will do!

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