About The Community license and using it on two computers


I’ve read the (fr) documentation but I’m not sure whether my concerns are cleared or not, so here is my issue:

At the moment, I’m using Studio with a Community licence on my laptop.
But now I want to UiPath Studio on another computer (not simultaneously of course).

Should I create another account/organisation or can I use my current account ?
Also I do not understand what are a tenant, a user or a machine.

Thank you very much !

Yes. You can using UiPath on another PC without aby problems.
For Community Edition you can’t create new tenant. So, you can use the current account. You need to log in to automation cloud from new pc in UiPath Assistant to acquire license.

Regarding terminology:
Tenants - are containers where you can organize your services and manage them for a group of users . ex. you can create tenants for each of your departments etc.
Users - to users you can assign licenses and roles. They are the people who can (depends of the role) have access to your orchestrator, launching the robots etc.
Machine - is a physical or virtual computer where the UiPath Robot software is installed.

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Hi @LamaX

  1. Tenant:

    • Think of it like a separate workspace for different parts of your organization.
    • If you have different teams or projects that you want to keep independent, you might use separate tenants.
  2. User:

    • An individual who interacts with UiPath Orchestrator.
    • Users have different roles (like admin or robot executor), which define what they can do in Orchestrator.
  3. Machine:

    • The physical or virtual computer where your robots run automation processes.
    • You register machines in Orchestrator to manage and deploy your robots.

If you want to log in into PC with Orchestrator you need to create an new account and use that since we can’t create a new tenant.

Hope it helps

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Thank you very much to both of you @pikorpa @mkankatala !

Your answers are very helpful !

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Thank you @LamaX

Happy automation!!

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