Community Edition activation error: -4303

I’m using the Community Edition (version 2018.1.4).
I was able to activate a few months ago, but recently for some reason I’m getting the following error. Does anyone know the cause?


There was an error trying to reach the activation server.
You might be behind a firewall. Please contact your network administrator and retry later.

Optionally you can try Manual activation.


Activation failed with error: -4303
Error description: SOAP Host can’t be resolved
License status: Undetermined


  • 社内でプロキシサーバーを使用していて、認証サーバーにアクセスできない
  • Webフィルタリングに引っかかっている


In typical case, following matter causes error -4303.

  • Your network has proxy server, and UiPath program can’t access licencing server.
  • Your network is using web filtering software, and it blocks the connection.

Anyway, you’d better to ask system administrator about this.