Community Edition 407 proxy error connecting to Orchestrator

Trying to connect the Community Edition via Uipath Assistance to Web Orchestrator, I am gettitng the 407 Proxy Authentication error.

I have tried all the solutions posted on the forum, to no avail, can someone who solved the issue give some insight? would be truly appreciated.

Currently on UiPath Community Edition ver. 20.4.3
The network is behind a firewall/proxy.

Thanks in advanced.


Hi @victor_martinez,
Welcome to the Community!
The proxy and firewall is the problem here. You need to have orchestrator address white listed and open the way how Studio/Robot communicates with Orchestrator.

Thank you @Pablito, what should be the address to white list? because via the browser I can logon to the orchestrator. when you say “and open the way” is that about some ports to open?

In case of any future activities usage these two should be whitelisted for sure:

Regarding ports. If I see it correctly 443 is the port for SSL connection * 3389 - Required for RDP automation, needed for HD Robots and 80 is used for the Webhooks web service.