Ui Path Orchestrator - 407 Proxy Authentication Error


I am attempting to configure the robot in a closed network so I have been following the UiPath redirecting robots through a proxy server guide. I believe I have configured every that needs to be setup yet I still have the 407 error. I have attached my setup.

Initially the configuration I did worked and the robot connected to the orchestrator just fine. However I decided to restart my machine to see if I continued to get past the 407 error but it resurfaced :frowning:

I have looked at other topics in the forums but I have largely found them to be too technical given my pretty limited understanding of UiPath to date.

Many thanks in advance.


Redirecting Robot Through Proxy Server Issue.pdf (776.3 KB)

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Further to my previous post I have since configured the LAN proxy server settings as per the redirecting robot instructions and the IT team configured a rule to bypass the first proxy server and enable to robot connection based on using my IP address as a condition for the rule.

However this solution isn’t workable long term because due to the internal policies, internet explorer LAN settings revert back to the automatic script every 30 mins.

Therefore is there a way to use automatic configuration script as per what I have done (config document attached to this thread) instead of having to explicitly define a proxy server in LAN settings to get past the 407 proxy authentication error?

Also in the proxy configuration settings in the Uipath.Service.Host.exe.config file what is the purpose of the following?

  • usesystemdefault - is this referring to user authentication? e.g. my LAN user id and password.
    *bypassonlocal - is this referring to local sites?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @JeffNZ

I would highly advise you to contact our support to resolve this specific problem. They might be aware of the solution that will work for you.