Collecting data with data scrapping tool from popup

Dear Community,
is there a possibility to catch information from this pop up?
There are several rows which look like that and i would like to do that for all of them.
There is a short delay till this black box is showing up.
I already collected the data on the left side of the black box for each row.

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When you try to select the text from that pop -up and UiPath recognises that text , then it will be the same as you are getting the text on left side.

If studio doesn’t recognize that text, then try in IE browser which is very easy to capture the text from pop-up’s or, read the entire text on the screen and then do string manipulations @a_kay

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thank you very much.
I think it recognizes it but i dont know how to select it since it disappears if i try to select it with the data scrapping tool

We have hover activity for mouse in the studio, try that to hover on the screen and then scrape the data @a_kay

Press F2, you will get 3 secs pause time (select the pop-up by that time). Now you can select the value which you want.

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I already tried that the black box disappears then

is your requirement is done? still need any help?

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no i still have no solution.

I just saw that the information i need is in here
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Placeholder’ />
webctrl aaname=‘BO123 12:40Ahmed K**** und 1 *** AlAhmed *’ parentid=‘main’ tag=‘A’ />

so i need the information of aaname for every row on this website how can i manage that?
it is in aaname
Thank you very much

  1. Use Get Attribute activity, in that use “aaname”. So that you can retrieve the value you want.
  2. In case of table form of data, try to find tableRow attribute in the selectors & try to include it. So that you can dynamically change the tableRow attribute to get the data.
    (refer the example - I am trying to read the 2nd row (Open) value, I got tableRow attribute in my selector)

thank you very much you are a good man!

There is no row attribute i think check this out