Get text from pop-over (browser, table)

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I have a difficulty. I can’t get the text from the popup when receiving the table data.

Using the web-record and data scraping, I get only the table data. I think there should be a solution for such cases, but I can not find it.


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we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING method from design tab
if that popup can be selected as individual element then we can use GET TEXT activity

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But Get Text activity gets only the button text. In this case - “i”

or is it necessary to edit the selector?

yah can i have a view on the selector if possible
with a screenshot
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i have Get Text with this

and I think I need to somehow use this code from the site page in the selector


well i have a doubt here
where that popup was selected as element in get text or that i symbol was selected as element
because aaname attribute shows like i is selected
fine try that once
use SCREEN SCRAPPING method that would work for sure
–where select that popup message as region or element and we will get the text from it

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If the data you need is shown in the “Inspect Element” screenshot from your browser, you should be able to use the “Get Attribute” activity to extract the values you want out of the pop-up dialog.