Capture data

Hi Team,

I need to fetch or capture values from attached web browser screen only the part highlighted in blue box but values are not constant in that part. Please help me to do this


Hi @sshitol,
Have you tried to use Data Scraping?

If you know that you will only need those 4 rows you could just as well use GetText.

Include something like "rowname = ‘Chairman’ " in your selector for the Chairman to get its value and follow that pattern for the rest.

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Buddy in this case @sshitol

i would like to suggest scrape relative that can scrape any data in the right side with constant term in the left side
here you go with some guide


@thediabloman as i said value in the blue portion keep changing its not constant

@Pablito i tried that but its scraping entire table. I just need blue portion part to scrap

@Palaniyappan as I mentioned in the query value in the blue portions are not constant that keeps changing both left and right hand side

Buddy then you can get by data scraping as pablito mentioned and you can take the row value from where you want… buddy like there is a blank line means you can start from after the first blank buddy
Cheers @sshitol