Data scraping for popup window

I am trying to download some Resumes from website. the structure table was extracted with data scraping tool:
Question 1: how to extract additional fields that only showed up when mouse hovering on eye icon.
Question 2: when clicking the row of table, a new page show up to display all the information of selected Resume, in the up-right corner, there is a button to download it, clicking this button and then choose word or pdf formation and then download it to local drive. - how to do it?


Hi @tliu ,

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Q1 :If mouse over popup you cant extract in data scraping directly, you need to mouse over of each row then you have to extract the value.
Q2 : After clicking download button you can store the PDF file in the specific folder.



thanks you so much~, can you show me more how to do it - mouse over of each row?


have a look here:

in general a basic automation implementation. Also have a look at the Wait for download activity. In case of you need more help then split this question into a new topic along with more details

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