Cloud Orchestrator SMTP server

Does anyone know if there is a SMTP-server provided by UiPath to use for alerts in Ochestrator?
Or do you have to provide an SMTP-server yourself?
I’m working with a client who has a limited IT department and therefore bought the Cloud-based Orchestrator. They are using O365 so they don’t have their own mail server.
Could perhaps try to use an O365-account, but why isn’t there an SMTP server provided by UiPath?

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Hi @peter.helge
hope this link helps you in setting up alerts for concerned members related to orchestrator

Thanks @nikhil.girish
I have read that and from what I can understand I have to provide information about the SMTP-server, like SMTP-host, username, password etc, right?

What I’m looking for is a predefined account provided by UiPath so that my client doensn’t have to think about SMTP-servers as the client has a cloud first approach.

So the mail question is, does UiPath provide an account that I can use to send alert emails if I use Cloudbased Orchestrator?

Hi @peter.helge is the license enterprise or community

My client has an enterprice license

so please get in touch with uipath support team or raise a ticket using your enterprise license key , they are the right guys to answer this

Ok, thanks @nikhil.girish
I’ll do that and see if they can help me

Great @peter.helge :slight_smile: hoping they answer your question

Hi @peter.helge ,

I am sharing my opinion and thoughts on your post.

SMTP is some thing we have to deal in our organization. Currently the orchestrator supports SMTP to send alert emails from orchestrator so we must use SMTP server from the organization you are working. i think if you already have o365 definitely they can easily create SMTP account for you i guess and alsways SMTP server maintain like smtp . office365 .com. please check with your IT department.

in my point of view UiPath provides cloud orchestrator and they manage the server but they would not provide SMTP i guess.

Anyways you have enterprise license so you could contact UiPath support they would provide final confirmation. thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1
Thanks for your reply.

I partly agree with you, but on the other hand, I can also argue like this.
I buy the Cloud Orchestrator as a service.
I would expect this service to be able to notify us when something goes wrong without me having to set up anything more than who should receive the notifications.