Close pop up alert while activity execution


I have an issue while retrieving Outlook emails. In fact, beacause of security parameters that I can’t change, I receive an alert when the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” is executed.

Is there a way to interrupt the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” when such an alert is detected in order to automatically close the pop up ?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @fr2016,

In this case, I would suggest you to use the Image Exists activity and when UIPath find this image it can send a hotkey and press enter for example with the Send Hotkey activity. Kindly check this approach and if you have any doubt, please let me know.

@acaciomelo Can’t we use Element Exists in this case and check for ‘Accepeter’ Element?

Hi @vvaidya,

I’m not sure because it’s a pop up window, but if possible using the Element Exists activity would be more reliable than Image Exists, anyway he could give a try to both activities.

Hi @vvaidya and @acaciomelo ,

I’ve tried the Elements Exists and Image Exists. They both return False.

The issue is that the popup is launched only when the Get Outlook Mail Messages is executed.

The Get Outlook Mail Messages waits for the user click on the popup.

Is there a way to interrupt the execution of the Get Outlook Mail Messages when the popup appears ?

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Do you mind attaching the code file?

@fr2016 just curious do you have this option enabled

hello @vvaidya,

The company policy forbids any changes in the security settings on Outlook accounts. If I could I would have done it from the beginning to avoid the issue.

getOutlookEmailsExample.xaml (7.2 KB)

Hi @vvaidya,

I’ve created a basic example process that gets Outlook messages with a specific subject. When the outlook activity is launched, Outlook requests the user approval which is pretty annoying because it interrupts the process and waits for the user to accept or refuse the action.

Hi @fr2016

Will you be able to send the code along with Elements Exists or Image Exists that you were trying.

@fr2016 Check below code (10.6 KB)

hey @fr2016

I am just amazed why you are not using “On Element Appear” activity for this.

For further assistance see this attached sample workflow and change the selector. In this example i am just waiting for a delete recycle bin pop (will occur when you will click on delete button). and if it will occur then will click on yes.

Sidenote- Before run please re-indicate the elements because selectors will vary. (33.5 KB)


You can use parallel activity with one section as do-while {element exists and click activity} and other section as Get Outlook Mail Messages.

By Parallel activity you can managed to close this window, but it is restricting access to email item properties. I am not able to access email items fields like body, attachment, From.
Anyone has solution for that? UiPath team can help us with issue?

Unfortunately no. This is Outlook’s security, we can t bypass it.